Risk Assessment Statement

Risk Assessment 

Veeboono Travel Limited vehicles will on a daily basis be subject to a 10 point safety check to make it one of the promising and the reliable minibus hire companies. 

  1. 1.      Check bodywork. 
  1. 2.      Check tyres. 
  1. 3.      Check door operation. 
  1. 4.      Check horn. 
  1. 5.      Check lighting. 
  1. 6.      Check seatbelt operation. 
  1. 7.      Check fire extinguisher. 
  1. 8.      Check first aid kit. 
  1. 9.      Check vehicle fluids (Oil, Water). 
  1. 10.  Physical observation (Walk round).

Control Duty Manager will be responsible for issuing instructions to sub contractors to implement this daily check.

Duty Manager will be responsible for checking any sub contractors vehicle, licence and insurance documents are valid and up to date.

NOWAK, Slawomir Miroslaw will be responsible for checking that all sub contractors have a valid Disclosure/DBS Certificate Procedure. 

In the event of a vehicle breakdown or road traffic accident, the Duty Manager in Control will be responsible for issuing instructions to sub contractors/drivers to manage the health and safety of our passengers/clients in the form of reporting, communicating and recording all relevant information to the contracting authority and Veeboono Travel Limited.

Veeboono Travel LImited will ensure clear communications with the contracting authority and with our customer and passengers.